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Manchester Rum Festival 2022 allowed me to reacquaint with a few rum brands as well as finding ones that I didn’t know about. One of such brands that flew under my radar is Streamertail rum.

Archie Burden was a chef in London before he decided to follow his rum passion and make his own rum brand. He went to Jamaica and worked with an independent blender in Kingston in order to develop his own blend. I’ve met Archie in Manchester and he was kind enough to visit me at the Beachcomber and hand me a bottle of his rum – spoiler alert, the Streamertail Daiquiris I made were really good!

The Streamertail hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica and, according to the Streamertail website, some believe to be the reincarnation of dead souls. The name makes a lot of sense given that the rum contains rum from 3 different Jamaican distilleries – Worthy Park, Monymusk and Hampden. The other component would be a 3 year old rum from Trinidad (Angostura Distillery) that has been filtered to remove the colour.

The one other rum that I know with a similar blend spec, unaged Jamaican and aged-filtered Trinidad distillates, is William George which is one of my favourite Daiquiri rums out there, so it would be interesting to see how it compares.

Molasses based, pot and column still distilled with rums aged from 0 to 3 years old in ex-Bourbon casks. Bottled at 40% ABV free of additives.

On the nose it has that lovely tropical funk. Overripe pineapple, guava juice, dried hibiscus and strawberries. Nail varnish, pink pepper with some cloves and star anise. The high ester flavours coming from the Jamaican components are really shinning through. Ripe pear and kiwi.

On the palate the tropical notes are back. Guava juice, canned pineapple, sorrel syrup and pink pepper. Green chilli, basil and whipped cream. Pear brandy and blackcurrant. I can feel the Trinidad component giving it a softer body and mouthfeel while not sacrificing the complexity. Bananas and a toch of glue. The finish is long with tropical fruits and dry hibiscus.

This is a solid rum and I’m somehow ashamed I didn’t know about it until recently. The Jamaica & Trinidad blend really works with both intense flavour and a silky mouthfeel. Compared to William George is a touch more mellow, but it’s definitely up there with it and, as mentioned, makes some cracking Daiquiris!

Streamertail White Rum can be found at The Whisky Exchange for £28.50 which is a good price for what you’re getting, but if you’d like to get the chance to win a bottle of Streamertail keep an eye on my Instagram page as I’m planning a little giveaway. Exciting times!

Streamertail White Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 52/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 82/100


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