The Cocktail Barrel #6

This has been a crazy period for me and between competitions, changing jobs and working the Notting Hill Carnival I still managed to sneak in a few cocktails on the blog’s Instagram. All the recipes are compiled here.

First drink I made around the National Daiquiri Day and probably the hottest day ever in the UK. On that note I decided to make a Dry Daiquiri twist.

The rum I chose for this is Streamertail, a blend of heavy pot still Jamaican rum and light, filtered distillate from Trinidad. It has a bright, estery, tropical profile that works very well with the other ingredients.

Here is my:

Sun-dried Daiquiri

Lime Juice – 25ml
Re’al Peach Syrup – 15ml
Campari – 10ml
Briottet Creme de Banane – 10ml
Pimento Dram – 3 dashes
Streamertail White Rum – 40ml

Add all the ingredients to a shaker, shake hard, strain into a Nick & Nora glass and garnish with a dried pineapple “lid”.

The peach is instead of the passion fruit of the classic Daiquiri while the banane adds to the rum’s fruity flavours and the Pimento is just delicious and pairs well with the Campari.

It’s a delicious, fruity drink with a pleasant bitter bite.

A little while ago I was in holiday in Nice, France and I saw a Daiquiri Day Competition which I really wanted to enter(obviously I didn’t win), so I made this drink along with whatever ingredients I could gather.

For this I used Saint James Imperial Blanc, a quite elegant agricole rhum from Martinique. I was quite happy with the result so I’ll post the recipe here – also I’m pretty proud of the name.

Monkey Comme Ci, Monkey Comme Ça

Lime Juice – 25ml
Fresh Passion Fruit Pulp – 1/2
Agave Syrup – 15ml
Mint Leaves – 5
Apricot Jam – heaped barspoon
Salt – pinch
Ricardo Pastis – 7ml
Saint James Imperial Blanc – 50ml

Add all the ingredients in the shaker including the pulp of a half of a passion fruit. Shake hard and strain into a champagne coupe. Garnish with the emptied passion fruit shell filled with apricot jam and star anise.

This is a tropical, fruity take on a Daiquiri with a touch of French swag. Rich, refreshing and perfect for a sunny day!

Another competition another blog drink.

This time I participated in the El Dorado Swizzle competition heats where I made a drink inspired by my childhood and sweets.

There I used El Dorado 5 Year, but I decided to go with the 8 Year for this recipe for more oomph. This dark, caramely, slightly bitter rum from Guyana was perfect for this.

I thought this up as a fun drink to make with an equally fun name.

Sizzling Swizzle

Lime Juice – 25ml
Strawberry Sorrel Syrup* – 15ml
Bitter Truth Elixier – 15ml
El Dorado 8 Year Old – 50ml
Yumchaa Blend Tea – 50ml
Sherbet – heaped barspoon
Lollipop – 1
Popping Candy Sachet – 1

Add all the ingredients except the lolli and candy to the glass and add crushed ice 3/4 of the glass. Use the lollipop as a swizzle stick to mix, add more crushed ice and leave the lollipop on top along with the popping candy sachet on the rim and a strawberry jelly garnish.

The drink itself has a bittersweet profile with herbaceous notes thanks to the Elixier and caramel layers thanks to the El Dorado.

The lollipop can be left in the drink to impart more sweetness as needed. The sherbet adds a nice fizz to it, but if you want to truly sizzle this swizzle, pop the popping candy on top while quickly mixing it into the drink using the lollipop.

As I said, a fun drink, yet quite complex.

*for the strawberry sorrel recipe and the teas used just Contact me.

Thank you for reading and hope you will enjoy at least one of these drinks!


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