Review: Copalli White Rum

After I’ve been covering their “Daiquiri series” this year I decided it’s time to actually review their white rum. The Copal Tree Distillery was built in 2016 and is located in Southern Belize surrounded by 22000 acres of rainforest. Their Copal Tree farms is set on 3000 acres and it’s the first certified organic farm … More Review: Copalli White Rum

Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)

The story of the Saint Nicholas Abbey Estate starts in the mid 17th century in Barbados with a bit of a drama-soap-opera style chain of events between two plantations and their owners, Col. Benjamin Berringer and Sir John Yeaman. It is said that Yeaman poisoned Berringer and then married his wife, Margaret in 1661, who … More Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)