Review: Retribution White Rum

Retribution White Rum came out last year and I had the opportunity to sample it first at the UK RumFest 2021. Retribution is made at Retribution Distilling Co, in Frome, Somerset, UK, so this is another British rum to add to the growing list of “locally” produced cane distillates. Retribution Distilling Co started as a … More Review: Retribution White Rum

Review: Duppy White

Duppy Share is an English rum brand that has been growing steadily over the past years and can be seen pretty much everywhere, from supermarkets to your favourite rum bars or even Greene King pubs. The name is inspired by the Caribbean lore of the duppy stealing the rum from the barrels, basically their mean … More Review: Duppy White

Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)

The story of the Saint Nicholas Abbey Estate starts in the mid 17th century in Barbados with a bit of a drama-soap-opera style chain of events between two plantations and their owners, Col. Benjamin Berringer and Sir John Yeaman. It is said that Yeaman poisoned Berringer and then married his wife, Margaret in 1661, who … More Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)