Hello, my name is Alexandru Sandu, I am a London based cocktail bartender and rum enthusiast. I started my own rum driven Facebook page in December 2018 in which I slowly started doing reviews and learning more about rum in the process and in November 2019 I finally managed to build my own blog/website to feature my reviews and drinks.

Everything written here is my own personal opinion, I’m doing this in order to push myself to do more research and learn, and hopefully help teach other people about the intricacies of rum.

Feel free to Contact me in order to criticise, correct or ask me questions.


A series of mini-reviews also featured on my social media, with minimal info, mostly tasting notes, in order to put my sample bottles to use. Most of the rums reviewed under this would be very rare or unattainable for me.

Scoring system:

Flavour/taste (1-70) is based on the complexity of the rum: from not possessing any organoleptic properties associated with rum to being mindblowingly complex and out of this world.

Value for money (1-15) is based on the price/volume/ABV/complexity/craft/availability ratio.

Transparency/purity (1-15) is based on the amount of information available for the average consumer and how accurate it is vs. the amount of additives present in the rum.

Overall (1-100) is the total.

I have chosen to split the score into 3 categories in an attempt to make my scoring system more consumer informative. The Flavour/taste of the rum is the largest percentage of the Overall score and definitely the most important, while the other 2 categories aim to “reward” or “punish” based on how consumer friendly the brand is.

To be noted that, while partially based on facts, the scoring system is completely subjective and it’s my own personal preference/take on the rum at the time of the review. My tastes can evolve in time and the way I score the rums will change accordingly.

For additional information read the Disclaimer section.