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Welcome to The Cocktail Barrel! Here I regularly post recipes of rum (or flavoured rums) cocktails that came up with, either for fun or necessity. Hopefully they will inspire you to experiment with your own rum bottlings. Cocktails that have dedicated articles are not included here, you can find more on the Recipes category.

The recipes will always be uploaded to Instagram first so follow me if you’d like to keep updated.

The ingredients with a (*) are homemade – for instructions or any drinks related questions you can use the Contact feature of the page to get in touch or just email me at


4 thoughts on “The Cocktail Barrel

  1. Hello Alexandru , my name is Simon, i recently acquired a bottle of Appelton 8 yo and was eager to check out reviews in regards to tasting notes and cocktail options. I came across your website which is excellent and i was glad to see A8yo got such good review. i usually use Havana 7yo for old cubans and old fashioned’s but felt like a change. When i went in to your cocktail barrel i was blown away by the variety of complex flavours and fantastic sounding drinks, so many new cocktails to try. Thanks for that.
    I have many questions, i like to make my own syrups where possible Orgeat grenadine and Cinnamon syrup etc but obviously there is much more to learn.
    So may i begin by asking what is Guinness syrup and how is it made?

    1. Hello Simon! Glad to hear you enjoy my page. For the Guinness syrup take a 440ml can of Guinness and boil it in a deep pan (it foams up) until you’re reducing it to about 250ml. While hot pour it into a graded glass and add demerara/brown sugar until it reaches the 500ml line, stir to dizolve it and then refrigerate it for a day.

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