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While the current pandemic has seen the closure of multiple businesses, it looks like a multitude of rum brands are emerging through the chaos (if you follow my reviews you’ll know what I’m talking about). Lost Years comes from independent rum house Cane & Able and was launched in November 2020 by husband and wife team Lee and Trudy Smith. According to their website, the inspiration came from their son, Billy, who loves turtles and wanted to do something to help the endangered species.

Lost Years are sourcing their rums in the blends from the Caribbean and Latin America and every bottle sold can save up to 10 baby sea turtles. The name Lost Years refers to the early years of a sea turtle’s life – apparently after hatching, they disappear in water for up to 10 years… the more you know!

They are partnered with the US-based non-profit organisation SEE Turtles, which was set up in 2008 as the world’s first effort to protect the turtles through ecoturism. Like that wasn’t enough, they are also partnered with Ocean Foundation’s Seagrass Grow in order to offset their carbon emissions by planting seagrass. And to top it all up, the packaging for all Lost Years rums is plastic-free – the tamper seal is made from plant-based cellulose which is compostable. A lot of good things going on from a very new brand.

Lost Years Navy Strength Rum is the same blend as their Silver Moon, but at 54.5% ABV, hence the “Navy Strength” moniker. It’s described as being a blend of unaged column still distillate from Jamaica and unaged high ester pot still distillate from Barbados which is an interesting combination. I tried to find out the name of the distilleries they source the rums from, but unfortunately it’s one of those things that they aren’t allowed to reveal. What I do know is that the Barbadian rum is not from Foursquare – they do not sell unaged rum in bulk, moreso pure pot still, so if I were to guess I’d say it’s probably from WIRD.

So molasses based, pot and column still blend and unaged. Bottled at 54.5% ABV and without any additional ingredients besides water.

On the nose it feels fruity and creamy. Peach yogurt, blackberries, passion fruit and mango. Coconut cream, white grapes strawberry jam and toffee. I was expecting some Jamaican funk, but nothing crazy jumps out, it’s pretty balanced. Some cardamom, anise and white pepper as well.

On the palate it’s pretty similar with the nose, but more intense. Stone fruits, mango puree, grapefruit juice and passion fruit yogurt. Single cream, pineapple juice, white cacao liqueur and Raffaello. It has some spicy sweet chilli flavour too. Camomile tea, honey, toffee and cappuccino. I’m enjoying the creamy mouthfeel and the ABV really brings some intense flavours upfront. The finish is medium to long with coconut and white pepper.

Navy strength white rums should be the norm! This is an elegant, intense, creamy and fruity white rum that I’m more than happy to sip neat while watching some Netflix. There’s no obvious Jamaican hogo going on as expected, I assume the column still component is quite light, but it works wonderfully – the Barbadian pot still is the main player here and it’s tasty.

Can be bought at £34 from their website which is a good price considering you’re getting a navy strength rum and the satisfaction that your purchase actually helped the sea life.

Lost Years Navy Strength Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 53/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 83/100


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