The Cocktail Barrel #1

I decided to start featuring cocktails of my own design using various rums on my blog’s social media (Facebook & Instagram), with the recipes being compiled in an article such as this one. For the full list of drink recipes visit The Cocktail Barrel section. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

April was quite busy for me since the bars reopened and I started working again at full thrust, but I still managed to squeeze in a couple of concoctions from a couple of English rum brands I enjoy.

Firstly I wanted something easy to make, yet strong and slightly unusual so I grabbed my bottle of Lost Years Navy Strength White Rum and decided to go with a Sazerac twist.

A Sazerac is a drink normally made with Cognac or Rye Whisky, but this page’s name isn’t The Rye Barrel is it?

Lost Years is a new brand that source their rums from other countries and blend them. Besides showcasing good rum, their goal is to save baby sea turtles by working with various organisations and donating a part of their profit, not to mention they do not use any plastic in their packaging.

Their Navy Strength is a favourite of mine in terms of white rums so came up with this small, punchy and elegant drink to showcase it:

The Pink Seazerac

Lost Years Navy Strength White Rum – 50ml
Peychaud’s Bitters – 4 dashes
Vanilla Syrup – 5 – 7ml (by taste)
Absinthe – 5ml

Stir all the ingredients except the absinthe in a mixing glass with cubed ice until chilled. Wash a tumbler with the absinthe and throw the excess away. Then strain the stirred drink into the tumbler and use a pink grapefruit zest to spray its oils onto the glass/drink and. Discard the peel and enjoy!

The vanilla and grapefruit really complement the notes of the rum while the Peychaud’s and absinthe are vital components in any Sazerac, even a twist – and they work!

Before reopening the bars I had to attend a few early trainings, and to be honest, I’m not exactly a morning person…

Inspired by my laziness I decided to pick up my Lazydog Silver Rum for the night’s concoction.

Lazydog is a very fresh brand/distillery in Leicestershire and they make a delicious pure rum along with a few flavoured offerings. Definitely a producer worth keeping an eye on.

That being said here’s the recipe:

Lazy After Eight

Lime Juice – 25m
Sugar Syrup – 12.5ml
Lazydog Silver Rum – 25ml
White Cacao Liqueur – 20ml
Green Chartreuse – 10ml
Mint – 6 leaves
Ginger Ale – top

Add all the ingredients except the ginger ale to a shaker and quick shake with cubed ice. Dirty pour the drink into a highball and top with the ginger ale. Garnish with a mint spring, one After Eight chocolate and enjoy!

Lazydog Silver has intense cacao and herbal notes which pair great with the liqueurs and the ginger ale into a refreshing, easy going rich drink.

I hope you’ll try and make some of the recipes featured and that you enjoy them! Any feedback or comments are welcomed!


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