Review: Doorly’s 3 Year Old (47% ABV)

There are companies that release rums at the minimum ABV required by the European regulations – 37.5% ABV. And then you have Richard Seale who released some of his flagship rums with an increased ABV – R.L. Seale 46% ABV is a good example.

White rums with a higher than 40% ABV aren’t unusual, most of us know Wray, the drunken uncle that some close peers love but most avoid. Doorly’s 3 YO was a great, balanced white rum to begin with at 40% ABV. My very first great Daquiri had it, also (Spoiler Alert!) it emerged victorious in my Doorly’s vs. El Dorado review – and now there’s a version with 7 percent more alcohol content? Yes, please!

Distilled at Foursquare Distillery, Barbados, from molasses and then aged for at least 3 years in ex-Bourbon casks on the site. Pot and column still blend, it’s filtered after ageing to remove the colour, although given it’s (sexi) subtle golden hue it would seem that it wasn’t a very ‘aggresive’ filtration process, most likely in order to keep more of the body of the rum. Bottled at 47% ABV (as I didn’t emphasise that enough) and without any additives.

47% ABV

On the nose there’s the classic coconut flavour. Coconut water, vanilla pods, cashews and white cacao. Hints of fruit with melon, banana and apricot. A nice touch of cloves and liquorice seasoned with some pepper. A very subtle acidic/cheddar-like aroma with some green chilies. The flavour profile, weirdly enough, reminds me of Thai green curry to a degree.

On the palate the coconut comes back big. Coconut cream, vanilla custard, almonds, unripe banana and pear brandy. The extra ABV points add more spiciness and oomph. Pink pepper, coffee beans, cloves and liquorice again with some nutmeg. Hints of passion fruit and green grapes. Kept that nice creamy mouthfeel the 40% version also has. The flavour profile hasn’t changed much from what I remember, just turned up the intensity a notch… or three. The finish is medium and peppery with vanilla notes.

While still a work in progress, people are slowly embracing the potential of white rums as a premium product – Luca Gargano did plenty on that front with some of his Habitation Velier series and some of my favourite rums are white. This might not exactly the most flavoursome or mind-blowing white rum out there, it’s more on the elegant side of things, but it definitely lends its flavour to cocktails and makes for some amazing Daquiris and not only – a pretty refreshing sipper when the mood asks for it too. I already burned through most of a bottle using it for one of my cocktails – number 10 on The Cocktail Barrel – Macaw Gland Daquiri.

You can grab yourself one for £30 on Master of Malt. Once you go 47% ABV you can’t go back.

Doorly’s 3 Year Old (47% ABV) score:
Flavour/taste: 52/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 82/100


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