Review: Threeways Rum

Limin’ Beach Club is a vibrant bar and restaurant situated on the South Bank, in London, UK. To my embarrassment I have yet to visit it, but it’s definitely on the list. Last year the people in charge of it, Sham ‘Mr. Limin’ Mahabir and Paolo ‘Mr. Rum’ Molinaro, began their rum venture with Threeways Rum. Own a rum bar/restaurant and a rum brand too? Flexing much?

Threeways is a blend of ‘white’ rums from across the Caribbean. As Sham stated, they were aiming to do something that wasn’t done before, and after I read the blend makeup, I’d say they succeeded – now I want to see to what degree. The blend components are as it follows:

  • A blend of unaged, molasses based, pot still distilled rums from three different distilleries from Jamaica – 35%
  • Unaged, molasses based, pot still distilled rum from Barbados – 30%
  • A blend of aged and charcoal filtered, molasses based, multi-column distilled rums from Trinidad – 20%
  • Unaged, cane juice based, column still distilled agricole rhum from Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe – 15%

As you can see from the list above, if it were to be simplified, the blend is comprised of 3 different styles of rum: Pure Single Rums (molasses, pot still), Modern Rum (molasses, multi-column still) and Traditional Agricole Rhum (cane juice, column still), or even more simplified: English, Spanish and French styles. The name, Threeways, reflects the three ways of rum making that are present in the bottle.

I’ve been asked not to disclose the names of the distilleries, but you could probably guess a few. Here’s a couple of clues: there’s a Jamaican distillery often referred to as Secret Distillery, the other is famous for its high-ester rums and the unaged, pot still Barbadian rum could only be sourced from one distillery. That’s the best I can do…

This is the second white rum I reviewed (check the first one here) that combines agricole (cane juice based) rhums with molasses rums – I enjoy seeing the blenders being more and more adventurous with their combos.

Molasses and cane juice based, aged from 0 to unspecified years in ex-Bourbon barrels, with the aged components charcoal filtered to remove the colour and some flavour. Bottled at 46% ABV and pure.

On the nose there is plenty of funk, mostly Jamaican. Nail varnish, sweet cherries, grapefruit zest, strawberry jam, liquorice and plum eau de vie. White chocolate, white pepper, toffee and raspberries. The Jamaican flavours are dominant with everything else just dancing around on their tempo. Some black olives, Tic Tac, lemon juice and freshly cut grass.

On the palate it’s quite spicy upfront. Green chillies, pink pepper, ginger, green bell pepper and peppermint. Herbal with basil, coriander and cane juice. Fresh strawberries (reminds me of Herr 57 a bit), pastry, pink grapefruit, kiwi, passion fruit, coconut water, anise, mandarins and tequila – yes, I know. It softens mid to end palate with vanilla custard and caramel. There are some bitter hoppy IPA notes intertwined. Layers over layers in this clear, almost fully unaged rum – impressive! The finish is long with white pepper, strawberries and citrus notes.

One of the, if not the, best continuous white rum releases out there in my opinion. Can be found at £35 for 50cl on their website which might be a bit spicy for a ‘white’ rum, but the complexity and balance are above many “golden” or “dark” offerings on the market, with the extra ABV points also elevating it. It makes an absolutelegendary Daquiri as well – try it and there’s no going back. Very pleasantly surprised by this.

Threeways Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 56/70
Value for money: 14/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 85/100


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