Review: Threeways Rum

Limin’ Beach Club is a vibrant bar and restaurant situated on the South Bank, in London, UK. To my embarrassment I have yet to visit it, but it’s definitely on the list. Last year the people in charge of it, Sham ‘Mr. Limin’ Mahabir and Paolo ‘Mr. Rum’ Molinaro, began their rum venture with Threeways … More Review: Threeways Rum

Review: Damoiseau Millesime 2009 Full Proof

Daimoiseau is an agricole rhum brand – made from sugarcane juice, produced at the Damoiseau Distillery in Guadeloupe – Le Moule. The distillery itself was bought by Roger Damoiseau in 1942 and nowadays it’s runned by his grandson Herve Damoiseau. The distillery is the largest on the island, producing about 55% of Guadeloupe’s rhum. The … More Review: Damoiseau Millesime 2009 Full Proof