Review: Tattu Rum

Quite often I find myself browsing rum on Amazon (UK) just to see what offers are out there and what new brands are popping up. While the spiced rum offering is abundant, sometimes I see a bottle that I purchase hoping it will be at least somehow interesting – that’s how I got Tattu Rum. Honestly, the “premium” looking packaging and the below £20 price-point doesn’t look too promising, but they were enough to make me buy a bottle.

Tattu Rum is part of Tattu Spirits (they also have a vodka and gin) which is also part of Horizons Group London’s premium spirit brands. A look on their website reveals a multitude of flashy coloured bottles with shinny labels and golden patterns. They really look like the kind of bottle you stick a sparkle in and sell the VIPs for over £100 along with a bucket of Red Bulls. I might sound judgemental, but I’ve been in the bar industry enough to cringe when I see brandings of sorts – although if the liquid is good, I can get over it.

Not a lot of information available about Tattu Rum, their website just states:

An Exceptional Blanco Rum which has been crafted to our Bespoke formula by one of the world’s leading distilleries of heritage Rums. Our Master Distiller Blends the finest sugar cane in small batches, using a copper pot still to create a delicious, balanced rum.

As you can see, there’s an amalgam of buzz words like exceptional, bespoke, leading distillery of heritage rums (???), small batches, that tell us absolutely nothing except the fact that it was distilled in a copper pot still – although I doubt a £18 rum is pot still distilled only – if at all. All I know is that it’s blended in the Netherlands and then brought in the UK.

Let’s get onto it before I rant some more. No production specifications, could be molasses or sugar cane based, column & pot or just column distilled, unaged or aged and filtered – so I’ll just mention it’s bottled at 40% ABV.

On the nose it doesn’t seem to have much going on. Toffee, coconut water and ginger biscuits. Rose water and some triple sec. There’s a little saltiness too.

On the palate this is… well, definitely sugared. Coconut, vanilla and some umami. Simple syrup and ethanol. Some whipped cream and violet liqueur. The finish is short with ethanol and sugar.

Unfortunately I’m very much disappointed. I was hoping it would at least be untampered with, but the post-distillation sweetening is pretty obvious. It tastes like sweet vodka! At £18 (on Amazon) it isn’t too badly priced, but I’d genuinely rather have Bacardi – but hey, at least it’s pretty!

Tattu Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 28/70
Value for money: 11/15
Transparency/purity: 4/15
Overall: 43/100


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