Review: Denros Strong Rum

From the “I risk my life so you don’t have to” series comes a review for a Saint Lucian rum that you can’t really find outside the island of Saint Lucia – like really, I can’t find a price anywhere. Regardless, its lack of availability or its fierce “double strength” weren’t enough to stop me documenting this over-overproof beast.

In 1972, the last 2 rum distilleries in Saint Lucia merged, the Dennery Distillery owned by the Barnard family, and the Roseau Bay Distillery owned by the Geest family. After that the rum production continued at the Roseau facility and the first rum to come out of the merger was Denros (Dennery + Roseau) Strong Rum which is still sold nowadays on the island. It’s usually used in punches, cooking, spice infusions for remedies… I mean if 80% ABV rum doesn’t heal you, what will? Some would even go as far as drinking it neat – I mean why would you do that, besides research purposes of course.

I couldn’t find more information, but I found an old Denros thanks to and it looks pretty cool.

Denros Strong Rum is molasses based, column still distilled at Saint Lucia Distillers and bottled unaged at 80% ABV free of additives. Not sure the sizes this comes in, the bottle I have is 250ml, but I’ve seen pictures of plastic bottles that seem to be holding around 3 litres of rum – that’s dangerous.

On the nose there’s a hefty amount of ethanol coming out – I have to be wary. Coconut galore, white cacao liqueur, foam banana and guava juice. Passion fruit, iron and white pepper. It’s pretty straight forward, nothing too complex. Cashews and a hint of grapefruit zest.

On the palate the ABV is challenging my palate. Intense ethanol, whipped cream, coconut water, walnuts and cocoa nibs. Cream soda, grapefruit oils and agave syrup. I’m taking small sips, this isn’t for anyone that makes a face when drinking a shot of tequila. Faint mango and banana flavours in the background. The finish is medium with butterscotch and a long burn down the throat.

This is literally the double strength of your standard spirit, if you ever have the chance to purchase it, please mix it with something. It’s a mellow beast, it doesn’t have much body, but the ABV carries the flavours. I wouldn’t mind this for infusions or to add a little bit of oomph to a punch.

It’s hard to gauge its value for money, the closest thing to a price I found was an auction that sold a 250ml for £40. That being said rum in the Caribbean is usually very cheap, but I’d still be curious to see for how much it would sell in the UK. Probably similar in value to Sunset Very Strong Rum which is £43 for a 70cl.

Denros Strong Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 44/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 74/100


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