Rum News: Copalli Rum Launch “The Daiquiri Series”

Copalli Rum, the Belizean rum brand and producer debuted in the US in 2018. They make organic, single estate rum at Copal Tree, a zero impact distillery powered by regenerative biomass which supports the local community as the largest employer in Southern Belize and with educational grants for children to attend high school. The rums feature organic ingredients including non-GMO heirloom sugar cane and pure rainforest canopy water sourced directly from the distillery’s farm set against the Mayan mountains along with organic yeast and are expertly made via a mix of copper pot and 72 plate column stills.

This week they have launched “The Daiquiri Series”, a collection of seasonal cocktail recipes curated by four leading cocktail creators, Jean Vital, Tammy Jackson, Matt Hollidge and Copalli’s own cocktail curator from the Belizean rainforest, Waluco Maheia.

The Daiquiri is a very easy drink comprised of rum, sugar and lime, shaken and served straight up. Given the simplicity of the recipe, there are countless of permutations when it comes to twisting it, and Copalli seems to be aware of that.

The recipes are supposed to be easy to recreate at home and are inspired by the Belizean tropical forest where their distillery is based. Using the Copalli White Rum (I need to review this soon) and tropical Belizean fruits that can be sourced in the UK, The Daiquiri Series will run throughout 2021, with each season unlocking new recipes.

Enough chat, here are The Daiquiri Series cocktails for this spring:

Matt Hollidge’s ‘Beesop Daiquiri’

A sweet and silky serve. Made with sugar-apple, a delicious Belizean fruit that tastes like custard and is easily found online, in larger supermarkets or from Caribbean or Asian grocery stores, and mixed with honey, lime and Copalli White Rum. 

50ml Copalli White Rum
15ml Lime
10ml Honey
1tbsp Sugar-apple / sweetsop

Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a glass. Serve with a slice of sugar apple.

Tammy Jackson’s ‘Flying Jewel Daiquiri’

Known for her outrageous cocktails, Tammy Jackson’s Flying Jewel Daiquiri takes inspiration from the colours of the rainforest, using dehydrated dragon fruit to make its stand out red shade. As well as providing a vibrant colour, the dragon fruit also has health benefits, being high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Mixed with passion fruit and tamarind, it’s the ultimate refreshing fruity serve. 

Dehydrated dragon fruit (to infuse rum & to serve)
50ml Copalli White Rum (infused with dehydrated dragon fruit)
20ml Passion fruit pulp 
1/4 tbsp Tamarind 
20 ml Elderflower liqueur

Steep the dehydrated dragon fruit in the Copalli White rum for 30 minutes to give the rum a bright red colour. Strain the dehydrated dragon fruit and then add the rum to the other ingredients and shake with ice. Serve over crushed ice in a coupe glass.

Jean Vital’s ‘Fruit & Fennel Daiquiri’

An exotic – and unpredictable – pairing of mango, strawberry and fennel, Jean Vital’s mango daiquiri is made with a splash of Crème de Fraise, and a dash of Absinthe for those feeling adventurous. It is best enjoyed in the sunshine! 

50 ml Copalli White Rum
20 ml Crème de fraise
20 ml Lime juice
10 ml Fernet branca or Absinthe (optional)
40 ml Mango, strawberry and fennel blend
1 Part strawberry
2 Parts mango 
1 Part fennel 
4 Parts caster sugar
2 Parts warm water 
Blend and fine strain

Shake all ingredients and fine strain. Garnish with some mango fans or strawberries.

Waluco’s ‘Soursop Daiquiri’

Rum expert and Copalli’s Assistant General Manager Waluco Maheia knows the flavours of the rainforest better than anyone else, and offers to share a taste with his ‘Soursop Daiquiri’. Mixing soursop – a tropical fruit with a scent like pineapple and a taste somewhere between strawberry and apple, but with sour, citrus notes, it’s the perfect Daiquiri with a twist.  

Soursop chunks (muddled) 
25ml Simple syrup
25ml Fresh lime juice
50ml Copalli White Rum

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain on the rocks or neat.

I have to say, as a cocktail bartender myself, the recipes look delicious and the drinks are gorgeous – I’m almost jealous I can’t take any credit for them. If anyone is thinking making any of the recipes featured, tag me in (IG or Facebook) and let me know how they were.

I will try and make some myself when I’ll get some time off and I will report back!


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