Review: Morvenna White Rum

According to Google, Morwenna is the eponymous patron saint of Morwenstow, a civil parish and village 10 kilometres north of Bude in Cornwall. Seems appropriate for a rum that is actually made in Bude, Cornwall.

Morvenna White Rum was launched in June 2018 and is made by The Cornish Distilling Co. – and when I say “made” I mean actually distilled at their site on Norton Barton Artisan Food Village. The company is a collaboration between Richard and Fionagh Harding and the Master Distiller Tom Read and they are currently working to complete a new distillery in order to increase their production.

Morvenna White uses Caribbean imported molasses that is fermented for 3 days or more using a lighter style of yeast. They are distilling using an iStill2000, which from my understanding it’s a hybrid still. They also use an iStill500 for the low wines and the finishing run. The white rum comes out at 90% ABV, but they also distill at lower ABVs for barrel ageing. The unaged one is usually rested for a couple of months in steel, without anything added. Many thanks to Thomas Read, the Head Distiller of The Cornish Distilling Co., for the production process insights.

So molasses based, fermented for at least 3 days and distilled in small batches. My bottle is part of batch number 6 and I’ve been told that the next ones will have an even more flavoursome profile – I’m looking forward to compare them! Bottled at 40% ABV and free of additives.

On the nose it feels like it has a subtle funk. Wasabi, glue, printer ink and cardboard. Vanilla, watermelon, pears and prunes. A touch of ground coffee and white pepper. Smells quite ethanol-y too!

On the palate there’s a sweet flavour upfront that slowly turns into bitter/spice. Toffee, cappuccino, coconut water, dry figs and pears. White cacao liqueur, vanilla, cashews, almonds, white pepper and nutmeg. Hints of mothballs and dust. The finish is medium with almonds syrup and ground coffee.

Yes, I like this, the flavour and body are there, although they are not shouting at you, I consider this a good unaged rum, and given they’re making future batches more intense… well, I am definitely curious!

The pricing isn’t bad either, £35 (Master of Malt) for a bottle of small batch, locally made, pure, white rum. Yum!

Morvenna White Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 49/70
Value for money: 14/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 78/100


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