The Barrel Sample: DOK 1489 Trelawny Jamaica

Here I have a sample from a rum bottled by Fine Drams. DOK 1489 Trewalny is sourced from Hampden, Jamaica, and it clocks at the hefty ester count of 1488.8 g/hlaa. The DOK marque from Hampden is usually meant to be used in flavouring and perfumery because of its potency.

Molasses based, fermented for an extended period and pot still distilled at 85.76% ABV. Bottled at 69% ABV and free of additives.

On the nose I have to be careful so I don’t lose my sense of smell – very intense! Sour cherry cream filled chocolate, orgeat, stone fruits, brasso and petrol. Ginger, rotten bananas and dusty cardboard, raspberries and blueberries. I tried DOK before, but I’m always having second thoughts before sampling it.

On the palate… let’s just say I’m craving an ice cube on my tongue. Almond essence, grapefruit zest, rotten pineapples, hair dye and nail varnish. Sweet chilli, some ginger, black olives, basil and toffee. Sour cherry jam, peaches, cappuccino and cardamom. The finish is long and lingering with orgeat and dusty cardboard.

Rum dialed up to 100, this is not for beginners (although I would definitely give one some for the reaction), the funk is mental. Not a session rum, but interesting nonetheless – and depending how crazy you are, a delicious one too.

While out of stock now, this was priced at 45.60 Euros which isn’t bad at all for what you’re getting – basically overproof rum essence!

DOK 1489 Trelawny Jamaica score:
Flavour/taste: 55/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 85/100


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