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The Rum-Bar range hails from Jamaica and it was launched in 2007 by the newly upgraded and re-opened Worthy Park distillery. Worthy Park was established as an estate since 1670, but unfortunately in 1962 it had to stop rum production due to a oversupply of Jamaican rum following World War II. It resumed production in 2005 following an state-of-the-art equipment upgrade by the owners, the Clarke family.

Since on the the best seller in Jamaica is a certain 63% ABV overproof white rum that can be found in most bars around the world, it would make sense that one of the first Rum-Bar expressions would be the Rum-Bar Overproof, their own 63% ABV alternative to the aforementioned product. Personally I’m a sucker for anything 50% ABV and above, but that’s me – unless you’re in the Caribbean, drinking a concoction featuring an overproof Jamaican white rum can prove challenging for many.

But then the flavour profile, the funk, lends itself so well to so many drinks, so what’s the solution? Of course, lately, there are a plethora of full-bodied, full-flavoured white rum expressions on the market, but one that really stands out from both the funk and affordability point of view, without worrying that its potency would mess with your insides, is in my opinion the Rum-Bar Silver – not to mention this was the first continuous, pot still only, 40% ABV Jamaican unaged rum launched on the market (in 2017).

Rum-Bar Silver is a blend of 3 Worthy Park marques, WPL, WPEL and WPE with a higher amount of WPE than the rest of the rums in the range in order to keep the flavour intensity after being diluted to 40% ABV. WPE is Worthy Park’s highest marque in terms of ester count – up to 800 gr/hlaa.

So molasses based, pot still distilled and unaged. Bottled at 40% ABV free of anything else besides rum and water.

On the nose the funk is quick to greet me. Banana ice cream, pink grapefruit, lime zest, baking yeast and nail varnish. Floral honey, coriander, white pepper, a touch of oregano and a nice vegetal tequilaish note. Some freshly printed paper too, yum!

On the palate… let’s just say me and the funk already became best mates. Bananas covered in glue, pink grapefruit juice, cardboard and nail varnish. Camomile tea, violet flowers, white cacao liqueur and biscuits. Some pineapple juice and basil. The finish is medium to long with grapefruit zest and violette liqueur.

One again, the price/flavour ratio for this unaged rum is amazing. It actually featured in my top 10 budget rums list from last year and rightfully so. The amount of funk and body you’re getting for £21 (Master of Malt, House of Malt) makes it a bargain. Works amazingly in a Daiquiri (or Snaquiri) and not only, feel free to DM for cocktail recommendations.

Many thanks to the Lone Caner for providing some information that allowed me to update some details in this review – you can check his own Rum-Bar Silver write-up here.

Rum-Bar Silver score:
Flavour/taste: 52/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 82/100


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