Review: That Boutique-y Rum Company Signature Blend #2

Couldn’t review Signature Blend #1 and not carry on to the second one shortly after. This is also a continuous releases presented in a 70cl bottle as opposed to their usual limited 50cl offerings. Once again, as with #1, Peter Holland from The Floating Rum Shack was involved in the creative process of the blend and I’m here to “criticise” the result.

That Boutique-y Rum Company (TBRC) have a strong “no bs in rum” policy and their continuous bottlings make no exception. The rums in Signature Blend #2 hail from Jamaica and Guyana, a combo that’s quite common in English blends, but usually with a portion of Barbados rum in as well – good examples are Black Tot Finest Caribbean, The Duppy Share, or Thameside Signature Blend. Seems that Boutique-y went a bit minimalistic with theirs… or did they?

The Guyanese distillates are aged between 2 and 5 years and were made using 3 of the 4 heritage stills at Diamond Distillery – you can read more about them in my TBRC Unconfirmed Still review. The said stills are the Port Mourant wooden pot still, the Enmore wooden coffey still and the Savalle Still. These stills are unique in the world and the profile of the rums coming from them can be described as rich, oilly, smoky with a hefty amount of liquorice notes.

One of the Jamaican components is a pot still rum aged for 3 years, most likely coming from Worthy Park and the last, but not the least, there is a dash (around 2% of the whole blend) of high ester, unaged, Jamaican rum added as well. The profile of these rums would be funky with plenty of tropical fruits, particularly banana.

I sampled this beforehand thanks to the Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar and I remember it being really nice, now let’s see if my memory serves me well and if the Elegant – Dried Fruits descriptor on the label is accurate.

So molasses based, distilled in a pot still, wooden pot still, wooden column still and column still and aged from 0 to 5 years in ex-Bourbon casks. Bottled at 42% ABV free of any bs.

On the nose the Guyanese juice jumps right out. Chocolate pudding, liquorice, English Breakfast tea, sultanas, dry figs and plums. Walnuts and peanut butter. Aromatic tobacco, banana bread, caramel and coconut oil. I enjoy nosing this a lot. Ripe red apples, cinnamon and a touch of cardamom.

On the palate is where some of that Jamaican funk does its number. Liquorice, ripe bananas, nail varnish, sweet cherries, grapefruit zest, damp cardboard, vanilla custard and black tea. Dried figs and sultanas again. Tobacco, oak spices and a lovely layer of smoke. Some of saffron, mint, walnuts, Demerara sugar and cayenne pepper. Finish is medium to long with liquorice, walnuts and caramel.

While I enjoyed Signature Blend #1, this is definitely my favourite. I know, oranges and apples, but still, I’m a sucker for a good blend, especially when distillates from Guyana and Jamaica are involved. All the rums involved play on their strengths, especially the Port Mourant and the Jamaican components, and offer plenty of complexity and flavour. Easily one of the best bargains of the rum world at just £31 (Master of Malt) a bottle and one that will go on my “home essential” list.

Well done TBRC and Peter!

That Boutique-y Rum Company Signature Blend #2 score:
Flavour/taste: 55/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 85/100


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