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When a spirit matures in oak a percentage of the liquid in the cask evaporates depending on the climate, pretty simple, right? Well on our side of the world the simpler explanation was that the angels were taking their share to make the spirit (most often whisky) taste good, hence the angels’ share. In the Caribbean it doesn’t sound so divine, their take is that the duppies, which are malevolent spirits, are stealing rum from the barrel from island to island because, well, why not, I know I would – there we have the idea behind The Duppy Share.

The Duppy Share (TDS) comes from the London-based Westbourne Drinks Co who recently also launched a spiced version. The drive behind it was to launch an affordable premium rum. Their marketing and website seem on point – they even have the option to personalise bottle labels which is pretty cool, I’d expect a The Rum Barrel Share soon on my shelf.

TDS is a blend of Barbadian and Jamaican rums hailing from Foursquare and Worthy Park distilleries which are my favourite from their respective islands. They are blended in Netherlands and then bottled in London.

Molasses based, blend of a pot still component from Worthy Park, Jamaica, aged for 3 years in ex-Bourbon casks (WPL marque for the geeks) and a pot and column still component from Foursquare, Barbados aged for 5 years in ex-Bourbon casks. Bottled at 40% ABV free of additives.

On the nose there’s a burst of bright tropical fruits. Banana, mango, canned pineapple and kiwi. The Jamaican component is prominent. Cloves, ginger and coconut. Smells juicy and I am enjoying it. There’s a hint of glue in there as well. Biscuits and some caramel. Yum!

On the palate is slightly lighter than expected, here’s where the Barbadian part of the blend shines more. Sweet cherries, ginger ale, candied banana, sultanas and pineapple juice. Agave syrup and some white pepper. That glue note returns as well in the background. It’s light, but still quite complex. English Breakfast tea with a drop of milk. Finish is short to medium with some charred oak and pineapple.

This is a very nice and balanced blend. Goes down easy and works well with mixers, I tried it with ginger ale and it worked wonderfully. At £26 a bottle on Amazon or £29 on Master Of Malt it’s definitely worth grabbing one if you’re a fan of either Jamaican or Barbadian rums. I know my bottle won’t last long.

The Duppy Share score:
Flavour/taste: 47/70
Value for money: 14/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 76/100


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