Rum News: The Rum Slinger Rum Subscription Service & Box 001 Review

As recent events have moved most activities we would normally take for granted in the online environment there’s no surprise there are a number of companies and brands adapting to offer such services at you door like, let’s say, hmm… rum sampling. A good example are the online tastings (here and here) done by the guys from RumCask earlier this year – hell, I’d do it myself as well if I could be bothered to work out the logistics behind it.

But this is not about me, from Govanhill, Glasgow a new monthly subscription service arose which started rolling their rum boxes just in time for Christmas. The Rum Slinger is a collaboration between local musician, Kenneth Noah Blair, and the team behind Glasgow’s Caribbean bar, The Rum Shack, which features a modest selection of over 100 rums. They are, in their own words, “committed to hunting down interesting and rare rums, selecting three of the best, and delivering them direct to your door each month.” – sounds pretty convenient, right?

If you want to try their first box you have time until the 20th of December to subscribe. The subscription costs £15+p&p which would bring it to £18 a month. You can also choose to subscribe to offer a friend a monthly gift (feel free to email me for my address). The box itself contains three 35ml sample bottles of rum and a card with tasting notes along with exclusive offers and access to events from the teams behind the rum.

For now this service is available only for UK residents, but you can always try and contact them for more information.

Visit their website for more details and even some music suggestions.

The Rum Barrel’s take:

The Rum Slinger Box 001 features rums from one distillery – Saint Lucia Distillers, from Saint Lucia: Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa, Chairman’s Reserve Original and Bounty Spiced in 35ml samples along with a card with some information on the rums, tasting notes and a 10% off discount code. Also with this box you get access to a virtual tasting for Monday the 21st with Dave Marsland, the UK brand ambassador for Saint Lucia Distillers. Now onto the rums!

Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa

Molasses based, column still distilled and containing a blend of rums aged from 5 to 9 years in ex-Bourbon casks in Saint Lucia. Bottled at 40% ABV free of additives.

On the nose it feels “old school”. Dusty books, old leather, raisins and red apples. Charred oak, prunes, tobacco and a touch of port. Spicy with cinnamon and ginger. Quite appropriate for the season.

On the palate it starts soft and develops into spice and wood. Vanilla, marshmallows, brownies, red wine and dark chocolate. Some red berries as well. Charred wood, walnuts, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and ginger mid palate. The finish is medium to long with black pepper and toffee.

Plenty of body and complexity for a column still rum, as usually is the case with the Admiral Rodney range. Elegant with layers of fruits and wood spices.

Chairman’s Reserve Original

Molasses based, a blend of pot and column stills that have been aged in ex-Bourbon separately before marrying and left to rest for 6 more months having an average maturation time of 5 years. Bottled at 40% ABV free of additives.

On the nose it feels more “raw” than the Princessa. Damp cardboard, freshly baked bread, bananas, pineapples and a dash of nail varnish. Some white pepper and intense tobacco. Pretty tropical.

On the palate it definitely has a bite. Tobacco galore, custard and bananas upfront. White pepper, melon, mango, bell pepper and caramel. The finish is medium with tropical fruits and tobacco.

One of the best value for money rums out there, it should be no surprise since it’s already on my list. The pot still influence is very obvious in a good way.

Bounty Spiced

Molasses based, column still distilled, aged for around 2 years in ex-Bourbon casks and infused with various spices including Bois Bande, a Caribbean bark that is said to have aphrodisiac properties. Bottled at 40% ABV.

On the nose is pretty moreish. Biscuits, vanilla custard, mango and a touch of bubblegum. Blood orange and cinnamon. The spice balance seems good.

On the palate it feels fairly dry. Cloves, vanilla, milk chocolate, coconut and candied bananas. Sweet cognac, cinnamon and a touch of bitterness. The finish is short to medium with candied bananas and cloves.

The odd one from the bunch as it’s flavoured, but for a spiced rum I have to say… not bad! I like the fact that there are no cloying flavours and I could definitely find some interesting drinks to use it in

So the pack contained a higher end, a flagship and a flavoured rum. Pretty diverse, especially considering they hail from the same distillery. I like the concept, you get some quality rums from various categories and the “extras” such as the discount and virtual tasting definitely help with its value – if they keep it up, £18 a month doesn’t sound bad at all.

My only complaint is that on the flyer there were some inaccuracies regarding the technical specifications of the rums, but I am sure they’ll up their game with the next box.

Disclaimer: I have received The Rum Slinger Box 001 as a gift from the brand. For my view and policy on such matters please read the Disclaimers section on my website.


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