Rum News: The World’s First European Online Rum Festival by RumCask

As the COVID-19 situation continues and most of the world is in lockdown/quarantine, the guys at RumCask put together a Rum Festival that will take place online on Saturday 23rd of May from 4pm till 10pm (BST) and all of Europe can join.

Following the template of their previous tastings, they are planning to post out samples for anyone who buys a ticket and then hold Zoom meetings with various brand ambassadors, representatives and distillery owners of the rums you’re going to sample.

The Festival is split into two categories/rooms:

  1. Spiced, Fruit & Flavoured Rum – pretty self-explanatory, only samples from a collection of spiced and flavoured rums.
  2. Craft Rum – neat, complex spirits presented in various styles from raw material to production methods.

There will also be a Chill Out room where people will be able to talk with other participants and exchange opinions or simply get to know people. Brand representatives will also join this room at times.

There will be at least 15 samples from 7 different brands, for more details on which brands are going to be featured and how to buy a ticket press here and for updates and more news follow their Facebook page.


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