Review: Veritas White Blended Rum

Veritas (or Probitas in the US) is the first collaboration between two family owned Caribbean distilleries: Forsquare from Barbados and Hampden from Jamaica. They are both high regarded distilleries, known for their high quality distillates and no additives ethos.

The “white” rums are slowly distancing themselves from the idea that they have to be made in a multi-column still, super-filtered and flavourless like some kind of sugarcane vodka, and Veritas is fighting the right fight in that regard.

Veritas is molasses based and its blend is comprised of low-ester unaged pot still rums from Hampden, unaged Coffey still rums from Foursquare and 2 year old pot still rums, also from Foursquare. Richard Seale, the Foursquare Master Blender, stated in a podcast that they tried to use unaged rums from their pot still, but it didn’t work very well – apparently the Foursquare pot still distillates are “designed” to be aged hence the 2 year old component, aged in ex-Bourbon casks in Barbados, completed the blend better. Bottled at a very generous 47% ABV and free of any additives or filtration.

On the nose there’s that lovely subtle funk. Fresh grapefruit juice, butter, bananas, mango and raspberry eau de vie. There’s a nice toffee and burnt marshmallows aroma. Smells both sharp and creamy. There’s a hint of basil with some white pepper in there too.

On the palate it’s sharper and spicier. Grapefruit zest, black pepper, some lemon zest as well, balanced by a creamy mouthfeel and aroma (dairy-ish). Vanilla, bananas again, raspberries and some peat-like smoke. There are nail varnish notes sneaking in along with some grassiness. The Hampden component definitely cuts through even though the Coffey still distillate is predominant, pretty impressive. The finish is medium with banana flambe and vanilla.

Veritas Daquiri

A great rum, already well received by the bartending community – as it should, it makes an awesome Daquiri (or Snaquiri wink) to begin with. All the components work in harmony to deliver a great, complex “white” rum. It’s distributed by Velier and can be found for £34 or sometimes even less when on offer.

Veritas White Blended Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 54/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 84/100


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