Review: The Juggling King White Rum

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I started my rum journey I have acquired more knowledge in various fields I wasn’t really interested in as a young lad. Geography is such a field, particularly about islands and their position on the map. Well, today I’ve just learned about another island that recently got … More Review: The Juggling King White Rum

Review: Lazydog Silver

There are plenty of UK rum brands that source the rums from other countries and blend and/or bottle (even flavour sometimes), but what about the ones that are made rather than sourced? The Scottish rum industry is leading the charge for UK distilled sugar cane spirits and it looks like England is, albeit slowly, rising … More Review: Lazydog Silver

Review: Rum-Bar Silver

The Rum-Bar range hails from Jamaica and it was launched in 2007 by the newly upgraded and re-opened Worthy Park distillery. Worthy Park was established as an estate since 1670, but unfortunately in 1962 it had to stop rum production due to a oversupply of Jamaican rum following World War II. It resumed production in … More Review: Rum-Bar Silver

The Barrel Sample: Clairin Sajous 2015

Clairin Sajous is made at Chelo Distillery in Haiti by Michel Sajous. Luca Gargano of Velier is responsible for distributing various Clairins outside Haiti. Clairin Sajous uses sugar cane from the estate, the base material being cane juice. Fermented with wild yeast for around 7-10 days, pot still distilled and bottled without dilution – absolutely … More The Barrel Sample: Clairin Sajous 2015

Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)

The story of the Saint Nicholas Abbey Estate starts in the mid 17th century in Barbados with a bit of a drama-soap-opera style chain of events between two plantations and their owners, Col. Benjamin Berringer and Sir John Yeaman. It is said that Yeaman poisoned Berringer and then married his wife, Margaret in 1661, who … More Review: St. Nicholas Abbey White Rum (40% ABV)