Rum News: Rhum Barbancourt UK Launch

Founded by Dupre Barbancourt in 1862, Rhum Barbancourt has remained in the Gardere family ever since, evolving throughout each generation whilst still retaining its historic origins. Founded in the “Pearl of the Antilles”, the award-winning Haitian export is prepared to establish itself overseas as a key player in the international field.

I have personally attended the Rhum Barbancourt UK Launch Party that took place at Laki Kane on the 12th of November and I had a fantastic time. Even as I walked in I was greeted with a tropical drink in a tropical cup. My favourite cocktail was their Hi Ti Punch which was made with Rhum Barbancourt Haitian Proof, lime and Thai syrup. The Mr. Vice was a good choice as well as it tasted like a tropical, strawberry ice cream – quite the guilty pleasure!

This event also gave me the chance to try the Barbancourt range including their newest addition, Rhum Barbancourt Haitian Proof, a 55% ABV unaged cane juice rhum that allows the flavour of the cane to shine through with vegetal, herbaceous and savoury notes. The aged expressions of the range, the 3 Star (4 years old), 5 Star (8 years old) and the Estate Reserve 15 Years Old all tend to gravitate more towards a molasses rum profile, although they are all made from cane juice. They have very subtle notes of bright citrus and grassiness, and, as you move up to the older expressions, more spices and dried fruits come out on the palate.

Overall the Laki Kane vibes were very energetic and Georgi Radev was a great host!

That being said, Rhum Barbancourt has now joined the portofolio of the UK drinks importer and distributor, Spirit Cartel, and is available for both consumers (The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt and Vintage House) and trade (Champers, Speciality and Drinks with Sasha) – RRP ranging from £34.50 to £63.50.

Try their Haitian proof for an agricole reminiscent experience, or their Estate Reserve 15 Year Old for a more elegant and complex sip.


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