The Rum Barrel & Trailer Happiness present: The British Rum Expo

The first time I ever tried a rum fermented and distilled in the UK was in 2019 when I was randomly introduced to a bottle of white rum made in Bristol. Up to this point in my rum journey, I was only aware of UK brands that sourced distillates from other rum producing countries. This was an eye-opening experience and I’ve been keeping a close eye on the UK rum craft ever since.

The British-made rum scene has since evolved quite rapidly with brands such as Ninefold from Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland taking the lead. Did you know the largest rum distillery in Europe is located in Nottinghamshire, England? There are many other producers, small or big, that use anything from molasses to cane juice, sometimes with the addition of dunder, to distill in pot, column or hybrid stills. Not to mention the variety of casks used for the aged expressions – there is definitely something for everyone.

In order to help explore the local rum making community, I (The Rum Barrel) teamed up with the legendary Trailer Happiness for a British distilled only rum tasting event. Trailer Happiness is a small, independent rum bar in Notting Hill, London that has been supporting the rum community for 20 years now and it’s very much an institution in its own.

The British Rum Expo will take place during the London Rum Week, just ahead of the world famous UK RumFest, on Friday the 13th of October between 12-4pm and everyone is welcomed!

This event will offer everyone attending the opportunity to interact with and sample British rum from 8 different distilleries. Pick a favourite (or two) and you can also enjoy them in a Daiquiri or an Old Fashioned made by the experienced team at Trailer Happiness. There is no attending fee, it will be just a matter of venue capacity, so make sure to come in early. There is an option to buy a ticket for £15 here which will not only guarantee your entry, but it will also come with 2 free drinks/cocktails.

Some of the brands showcasing include Outlier, Ninefold, DropWorks and Two Drifters.

Update: There will be 9 brands in total as Cotswolds Distillery are joining us as well.

Come and join us on a journey to sip and savour British distilled rum!


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