Review: Dram Mor Mauritius 7 Year Old – Secret Distillery

Dram Mor from Scotland, one of my favourite independent bottlers as of lately, have launched their Autumn 2022 Rum Release and it looks fantastic. I have two of the four bottlings (not counting the European exclusives), the Diamond and the Mauritius. I will review both of them, but for now let’s go with the Mauritius.

Dram Mor seem to keep it up with great value releases and I hope this Mauritius expression doesn’t disappoint. While the distillery is not stated, the back label does say that it “sits in a beautiful old estate amidst orchards and sugar cane fields in the north of Mauritius”. Now if you’re a detective like me, if you google “Mauritius distillery north” the very first result would be the New Grove Distillery. New Grove is actually the brand and the distillery that produces it is Grays Distillery which is where it seems this rum is sourced from.

Grays Inc. Ltd. was founded in 1931 and, besides making rum, they also import and distribute wines and spirits in Mauritius as well as other products such as pharmaceuticals and personal care.

I am particularly looking forward to have this in my glass as I don’t think I tried a lot of New Grove. As a bonus to that, it seems that after being brought to the UK, this rum has been aged in a former English Whisky barrel that held red wine – that does sound delicious on paper.

Cane juice based, column still distilled and aged for 2 years in an ex-Bourbon cask in Mauritius and for 5 years in an ex-English whisky cask that previously held red wine. Bottled at 52.7% ABV with no additives and only 293 bottles available – mine is number 255.

On the nose it smells rich and fruity. Sour cherries, red apples, honey, polished furniture and strawberry jam. Sawdust, sandalwood and pen ink. Very interesting and moreish flavours. Wheat, dessert wine, orange marmalade, black pepper and a touch of allspice. So far this looks quite promising.

On the palate it becomes drier and more spicy. Black pepper, sea salt, unripe plums, orange marmalade, sour cherries and ripe apples. Grapefruit zest, raspberries and cloves. There are so many flavours going on, but they are well integrated. Pencil shavings, Earl Grey tea with milk, dates and a touch of floral violets. I can taste the influence of the whisky cask as it has some smokey and grain-y notes. The finish is long with orchard fruits and peat smoke.

What a drop, absolutely delicious – even more than I expected. It’s rich, it’s fruity, it’s spicy and well balanced. The whisky influence really works and gives it another layer of complexity with a subtle smokiness.

Dram Mor Mauritius can be found on House of Malt for £75 and as per usual with Dram Mor, I find that to be fantastic value. You should definitely grab a bottle until stock runs out!

Update: Now it can be bought from Master of Malt at £95 which is still not a bad price for what you’re getting.

Dram Mor Mauritius 7 Year Old – Secret Distillery score:
Flavour/taste: 60/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 90/100


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