Review: Dram Mor Guyana 24 Year Old – Uitvlugt Distillery

An independent bottler on the rise in the rum world, Dram Mor Group from Dumbarton, Scotland, released 3 new rum bottlings this summer, two from Foursquare (one I already reviewed) and a 24 year old rum from the defunct distillery, Uitvlugt.

The Uitvlugt Distillery was established around the 1750s in Guyana and it closed in 2000 with its distilling equipment (aka heritage stills) being moved the Guyana’s sole distillery, Diamond Distillery – that would be the long story short. Wes from thefatrumpirate mentioned that this rum was probably distilled in the Port Mourant Double Wooden pot still and if you follow me, you know I love me some Port Mourant (PM). Dram Mor has previously bottled a 10 year old PM distillate from Diamond, just check my review here.

I don’t get the chance to try an Uitvlugt rum too often, so I’m quite excited about this as it was distilled in 1997, 3 years before its closure. Dram Mor seems to be on point so far regarding what they bottle, and at affordable prices on top of that as well.

Dram Mor Guyana from Uitvlugt Distillery is molasses based, pot still distilled and aged for 24 years – no idea about the tropical and continental ratio nor the cask type. Bottled at 46.6% ABV without any additions and only 141 bottles released from cask number 14 – my bottle being lucky number 10.

On the nose it feels quite intense. Islay whisky, star anise, walnuts, black tea and blackberries. Burnt cigars, black pepper and cacao nibs. Ripe bananas, ripe plums and peppermint. The Islay peat flavour is too much for it not to be at least a Scotch Islay Whisky Cask finish. Rich black cherries, black olives and dark chocolate. This is interesting!

On the palate has a lot going on. After Eights, ground coffee, burnt tobacco and black pepper sauce. Liquorice, stone fruits, maple syrup and peated whisky. Due to the peat influence it feels a lot like a Caroni. Engine oil, raisins, car tires and dusty furniture. Treacle, plums, overripe pineapple and a touch of sea salt. Some cardamom and caramel as well. The finish is long with Islay whisky, mint and black pepper.

This is… really good! I’m not into “peated” rums, but this actually works incredibly well. All the flavours are well integrated and don’t step on each other. Smokey, minty and delicious – and it was only £120 from The Good Spirits Co., but unfortunately it’s out of stock now. Really happy with this one!

Dram Mor Guyana 24 Year Old – Uitvlugt Distillery score:
Flavour/taste: 60/70
Value for money: 15/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 90/100


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