Review: Suncamino Floral Rum

Suncamino is a very new rum on the UK market, I’ve actually attended its launch party just little over a week ago where I tried the rum by itself and its signature serves. The brand is distributed and sold by 31DOVER.

Suncamino declare themselves the world’s first floral rum which is quite a confident statement given the array of spiced/botanical/flavoured rums on the market. When I asked why they chose the “floral rum” moniker I was told that it was because all the botanicals used to flavour the base spirit are actual flowers: hibiscus, orange blossom and honeybush (which is indeed a flower, not a type of honey like I thought).

The company was founded by 3 Capetonian friends and its presentation is inspired by the South African/Cape Town culture with the aforementioned botanicals also being local. The base rum itself is distilled and aged in Barbados using ex-Bourbon and French oak casks – they weren’t allowed to tell me which distillery they are using, but given the usage of French oak I shall guess WIRD (West Indies Rum Distillery), although I might be wrong.

The name Suncamino means “Journey to the sun” which is mindfully present on the label as well. Speaking of, I do enjoy the bottle style and label, they seem very modern and traditional in the same time, although slightly disappointed that it’s only a 50cl.

Molasses based, pot and column still distilled and aged for up to 8 years in Barbados using ex-Bourbon and French oak casks. Flavoured in Cape Town using natural extracts of honeybush, hibiscus & orange blossom and bottled in a 50cl bottle at 40% ABV free of sweeteners, colouring or filtration.

On the nose the Barbadian rum has a strong presence despite being flavoured. Floral honey, rose petals, lychee, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and biscuits. Sweet peach puree, vanilla, pimento and ginger beer. Feels spicy, fruity and balanced. A touch of orgeat and orange zest.

On the palate it definitely feels flowery. Rose water, hibiscus, pink grapefruit zest, lychee and charred oak. Mango & peach purees, honey, pink pepper and raspberries. It tastes dry and perfumy, slightly bitter. Some pears and Amaretto. The finish is medium to long with rose petals, honey and bitter oak.

This is an interesting product and combo of flavours. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t have sweeteners added and so it can be used in cocktails without being afraid of it being sickly. By itself the “perfume” flavour is a bit off-putting for me, but at the launch I tried the signature serves which were: with tonic, with ginger, with ice and lime wedge or in an Old Fashioned – my favourites were the Suncamino & tonic and the Old Fashioned.

Suncamino Old Fashioned at the launch

One of the better flavoured rums out there with a very good potential for mixing. Can be bought for £29 (for 50cl) from 31DOVER which isn’t the best value, but you are getting a well aged and balanced botanical rum with a unique flavour profile. I would definitely recommend experimenting with it and trying it in various serves.

Suncamino Floral Rum score:
Flavour/taste: 43/70
Value for money: 13/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 71/100


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