The Barrel Sample: Foursquare Triptych – Velier

The second in the Foursquare Distillery (Barbados) – Velier (Italy) collaboration.

Molasses based, pot and column still distilled, a blend of 3 different vintage rums aged in 3 types of casks:

  • 2004 – ex-Bourbon – 12 year old
  • 2005 – ex-Madeira – 11 year old
  • 2007 – virgin oak – 6 year old

Bottled at 56% ABV with no colouring, additives or chill filtering. While not on the market anymore, when it was released in 2017 there were 5400 bottles available.

On the nose there’s that lovely Foursquare richness and intensity. Sour cherries, apple pie, cinnamon, tobacco, coconut, strawberry filled chocolate, English breakfast tea and toffee. Black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, maple syrup and grapefruit peel. Has a lovely balsamic vinegar note in the background along with some coriander. Could nose this forever, but it would be a weird review with no tasting notes.

On the palate it’s very soft first and then warm spices take over. Vanilla spongecake, strawberry jam, sour cherries, raisins and red grapes. Dark chocolate, ginger, tobacco, toffee and rich plums. Definitely the usual FS, but with more vanilla upfront, I reckon that would be the virgin oak influence – reminds me of Mount Gay Black Barrel, but more complex. More oak spices mid to end palate along with an Oloroso sherry-like note. The finish lingers quite a bit, long with vanilla, sweet tomatoes, cinnamon and a pinch of salt.

Definitely a tipple I could have any day, a bit softer than the usual FS-Veliers, but yet a very complex and layered rum where it’s fun to try and pick up the cask influences – the virgin oak feels like the main one, whereas the other two serve to balance it out and add more complexity. Wish I was aware of it at the time, for £110 a bottle I would’ve definitely grabbed one.

Foursquare Triptych – Velier score:
Flavour/taste: 59/70
Value for money: 14/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 88/100


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