Review: 1731 Belize 7 Year Old

The Dutch company, founded in 2018, is named after the year 1731 when the British Navy officially started offering rum to its sailors according to their website. As stated on the box that the rum came in, all the rums released by 1731 have a set of “unique features” which (besides maybe one) really appeal to me:

  • 100% tropical ageing – all the rums are fully aged at the distillery they come from;
  • without added sugars/additives – pure rums, something I always rate higher;
  • non-chill filtered and no artificial colouring – again, more honesty;
  • 46% ABV – if you wonder why, the owner Jacco Kroon gave us the answer: “Because that’s the way I like it most.” – so who am I to argue, although I am a sucker for higher ABVs.

1731 has two ranges of rums, Regional Blends and Single Origin Rums – my bottle today is part of the Single Origin range.

1731 Belize 7 Year Old, as the name suggests, comes from Belize, more exactly Travellers Distillery. This is my very first Belize rum I review here, I have tried rums from Travellers previously at various events from That Boutique-y Rum Company and I remember being pleasantly surprised so let’s see how 1731 will hold. Most of the information we need is on the aforementioned sleeve box: molasses based, distilled in a traditional column still and aged for at least 7 years in ex-Bourbon casks in the tropical climate. I mentioned it before, but I will repeat it because I have a format I like to follow: bottled at 46% ABV free of any additives and no chill filtering.

On the nose I get some sweetness and charred wood, similar to a Cuban rum. Maple syrup, barbecue smoke, layers of bubblegum, tobacco and leather. Marmalade, ripe apples, cinnamon and a touch of oregano. Has a mellow Single Malt vibe to it, definitely interesting.

On the palate the spices take it up a notch. Vanilla, black pepper, almonds, milk chocolate, cinnamon and burnt oak. A savory/smoky note to it – maple cured smoked bacon. Some fresh pineapple in the background along with a grassy, slightly mineral note. Caramel and tobacco all the way throughout with a touch of strawberry jam. The finish is medium with salted caramel and that sweet barbecue smoke.

Not mind-blowing, but definitely not boring either. A very decent rum that could appeal to anyone that likes Cuban rums but is looking for something with more kick and spice. You can find it online at around £44 a bottle which I wouldn’t call a deal, but a fair price.

1731 Belize 7 Year Old score:
Flavour/taste: 53/70
Value for money: 14/15
Transparency/purity: 15/15
Overall: 82/100


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