Rum News: ‘The Rum Barrel’ tee

The back of the tee

I finally decided to monetize my blog work and get rich.

Ha, I only wanted to get myself a t-shirt with my logo because I’m self-centered, and since I was at it, I decided to leave the option open to anybody else who would fancy a The Rum Barrel Classic Premium Tee.

Fear not, as being a bartender myself, part of the profit, more exactly £1 per tee, will go to Hospitality Action and their efforts to help hospitality workers, so you can be fashionable and feel good about it. If you wish to donate directly, just go here.

The t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and available as unisex and for women, with shipping in Europe/UK and USA.

Available here:

If you do get one, or have any requests, feel free to use the Contact option to send any feedback.

Women tee


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