Review: Plantation Trinidad 2001

Today I have a small sample of Plantation Trinidad 2001 which I bought from Master of Malt. I already reviewed another Plantation, so out of laziness I’ll just leave the link for the introduction on Plantation and what they do here.

This is an old vintage distilled in 2001 therefore I couldn’t find too much info on it. It comes from the Trinidad Distillers where Angostura is made, distilled in their multi-column still and left to age for 9 years in Trinidad in, what I assume it would be, ex-Bourbon barrels. Then it’s taken to Chateau de Bonbonnet, France where is finished in ex-Cognac casks – I don’t know for how long, but Plantation’s common practice is to leave them finish for about 2 years (something Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel calls “elevage du rhum”). The ABV on this is 42%.

Also being an old vintage I do believe it does have some “dosage” added as only some of the newer releases are free of sugars. More on this in the link I left above, now I am thirsty.

On the nose is quite floral, fruity with notes of liquorice and marmalade. Hints of cacao and chocolate are there along with an oaky scent like dusty old furniture. Banana and some earthy flavors reminiscent to the old Angostura 1824 I reviewed.

On the palate there is sweetness: caramel, brown sugar, milk chocolate, vanilla. The earthy notes from the nose are dialed back making room for the richness. Candied orange peel, spices, cocoa, some creamy oak, a little of the liquorice from the nose and notes of tobacco with a bit of coconut cream.

I have bought this for pure curiosity (and because it was on sale) and I have to say, while I haven’t tried any recent Trinidad vintage from Plantation, I do believe they have considerably improved their releases over time. While this is good, it is somehow unbalanced, the sweetness (from the dosage) being a bit overwhelming and not letting the rum to shine, where in more recent releases their dosage is there to lift up the fruity notes from their cognac cask finishes and it works decently well. I am not saying I agree with it, but I don’t hate them for doing it. Like I said in the other Plantation review, they are becoming more and more transparent about it as well, something I can’t say about most of the brands that produce adulterated rums. It’s okay, but I am not crazy about it.

Plantation Trinidad 2001 score:
Flavour/taste: 40/70
Value for money: 5/15
Transparency/purity: 4/15
Overall: 49/100


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