Review: Rhum Bologne Blanc 55

Distillerie Bologne is situated on the Island of Guadeloupe on the western wing, called Basse-Terre, which features green, fertile vulcanic hills. The distillery is located in south-west of the Basse-Terre region, in the capital city of the island… also called Basse-Terre. De Bolognes were a Protestant family from the Dauphine region of France who migrated … More Review: Rhum Bologne Blanc 55

Review: Montanya Platino

Motanya Distillers, located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, America, was established by Karen Hoskin in 2008. Before getting more technical, it’s worth mentioning how Montanya Distillers is, as the website states, “a force for good”. From being environmentally friendly and promoting gender diversity to giving back to the community, Montanya Distillers have some impressive … More Review: Montanya Platino