Recipe: The Cocktail Barrel August – September 2021

Here are two more drinks I’ve made For the August – September time period. Given how busy I am one drink per month isn’t bad, but I’m planning to up my game now that I’ve settled in my new home. For the full list of drink recipes visit The Cocktail Barrel section. Feel free to … More Recipe: The Cocktail Barrel August – September 2021

Review: Montanya Platino

Motanya Distillers, located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, America, was established by Karen Hoskin in 2008. Before getting more technical, it’s worth mentioning how Montanya Distillers is, as the website states, “a force for good”. From being environmentally friendly and promoting gender diversity to giving back to the community, Montanya Distillers have some impressive … More Review: Montanya Platino