Review: Diplomatico Planas

Diplomatico doesn’t need much introduction as a brand, many of us, including yours truly, were introduced to the category via their Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva which was often described as “smooth”, “sweet” or “easy to drink”. Some moved away from it due to its sickly sweet profile, others remained adamant fans, and so, Diplomatico managed to … More Review: Diplomatico Planas

Review: Pampero Blanco

Recently I have reviewed the Pampero Anejo Especial which wasn’t bad at all, and today I’m having a look at their “white rum” version, Pampero Blanco. As mentioned in the Anejo review, Industras Pampero Distillery was founded in Venezuela in 1938 by Alejandro Hernandez, the son of a fisherman from Margarita Island and it’s today … More Review: Pampero Blanco