Review: Pusser’s 50th Anniversary

Pusser’s marketing relies heavily on the Navy Rum story. They claim to be following the last Admiralty recipe for the Daily Tot that used to be issued to the British Sailors until it was discontinued (you could call it a Health and Safety issue) on the 31st of July 1970. While I’m not qualified enough … More Review: Pusser’s 50th Anniversary

Review: Pusser’s 15 (2019) vs Ancient Mariner 16

While they’re both navy style rums (one more well known than the other), the Pusser’s 15 new blend comes exclusively from Guyana’s Diamond Distillery and the Ancient Mariner 16 is sourced from Trinidad’s Caroni Distillery which makes it quite special since it stopped production in 2002. In the mid 1600s the British Navy discovered rum, … More Review: Pusser’s 15 (2019) vs Ancient Mariner 16